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The good equation to combine                                   return potential with responsibility                                                                                                                                                           
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CPR Invest Global Disruptive Opportunities

INVEST TODAY IN TOMORROW'S WORLD                                                                                
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Responsible Investing & ESG

An essential priority for CPR AM                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            
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CPR Invest Climate Action

Invest for your future, act for the planet                                                                    
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Characteristics, performance, documentation

CPR Croissance Réactive
CPR Invest - Reactive

CPR Invest Reactive is a subfund of the CPR Invest SICAV (Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable) governed by Luxembourg law and a feeder fund of CPR Croissance Réactive , an FCP (Fonds Commun de Placement) governed by French law and an international diversified fund invested in both fixed-income products (bonds, money-market) and in equities.CPR Invest Reactive aims to tap into long-term gains on the international markets in a controlled risk framework.CPR Invest Reactive offers no guarantee of principal or performance. Its recommended investment horizon is at least four  years.

CPR Invest - Euro High Dividend

Dividends remunerate a company’s shareholders; they are generally paid out of the net earnings of each financial year. Its amount of which is set by shareholders at the annual general meeting.CPR Invest – Euro High Dividend is a subfund of the CPR Invest Luxembourg SICAV and the feeder of CPR Euro High Dividend a French fonds commun de placement, which is a euro zone equity fund that invests in high-dividend shares.It aims to outperform the euro zone equity markets over an eight-year minimum recommended investment horizon by selecting European companies that pay out a dividend that is higher than the market average.CPR Invest – Euro High Dividend offers no guarantee of principal or of performance.



Year's experience


Billion euros in AUM


Employees - of which one third are investment professionals

Source: CPR AM, as of 31 December 2017