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The good equation to combine                                   return potential with responsibility                                                                                                                                                           
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CPR Invest Global Disruptive Opportunities

INVEST TODAY IN TOMORROW'S WORLD                                                                                
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Responsible Investing & ESG

An essential priority for CPR AM                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
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CPR Invest Climate Action

Invest for your future, act for the planet                                                                     
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Characteristics, performance, documentation

CPR Croissance Réactive
CPR Invest - Reactive

CPR Invest Reactive is a subfund of the CPR Invest SICAV (Société d’Investissement à Capital Variable) governed by Luxembourg law and a feeder fund of CPR Croissance Réactive , an FCP (Fonds Commun de Placement) governed by French law and an international diversified fund invested in both fixed-income products (bonds, money-market) and in equities.CPR Invest Reactive aims to tap into long-term gains on the international markets in a controlled risk framework.CPR Invest Reactive offers no guarantee of principal or performance. Its recommended investment horizon is at least four  years.

CPR Invest - Euro High Dividend

Dividends remunerate a company’s shareholders; they are generally paid out of the net earnings of each financial year. Its amount of which is set by shareholders at the annual general meeting.CPR Invest – Euro High Dividend is a subfund of the CPR Invest Luxembourg SICAV and the feeder of CPR Euro High Dividend a French fonds commun de placement, which is a euro zone equity fund that invests in high-dividend shares.It aims to outperform the euro zone equity markets over an eight-year minimum recommended investment horizon by selecting European companies that pay out a dividend that is higher than the market average.CPR Invest – Euro High Dividend offers no guarantee of principal or of performance.



Year's experience


Billion euros in AUM


Employees - of which one third are investment professionals

Source: CPR AM, as of 31 December 2019



Mur Bleu
Thematic investing

Our thematic approach provides an alternative to traditional strategies by seeking to capture sources for growth and performance through genuine long lasting trends to offer sustainable solutions to our clients.

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Dynamic multi factor investing

Combining a traditional fundamental analysis with a quantitative model, the multi-factor management translates into creating widely diversified portfolios.

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Parachute 2

Multi-Asset management was developed by CPR AM from the moment the firm was founded and has now taken its place as one of its core capabilities.

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The bond managers handle the entire spectrum of bond investments, with a broad range of conventional and innovative solutions:

Innovative and active allocation strategies are independent of conventional benchmarked approaches.

Our pure directional approaches tap into the carry of asset classes (credit or inflation) without exposure to interest rates variations.

A bond allocation approach with two separate and complementary performance drivers aiming to offer a highly robust solution regardless of market configuration. 

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Cash management solutions

More than one third of assets managed by CPR AM are in money-market and short term funds. These are split into three distinct categories that are based on investor needs

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Réunion iPad
Research and strategy

Aware of the importance of macroeconomic research and a proper assessment of financial and fiscal policies, CPR AM has from the start provided a Studies and Strategy desk for its fund management activities

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